281 grams of goodness

A couple of days ago I threw down a challenge to my regular caffeine supplier and breakfast pit stop – Sekka Deli.

The brief: It’s 7:30am, I’m tired, indecisive, a bit hungover and we’re about to head out hiking for the day to Iwao and the back country off the North Face. I have a 10kg camera kit, snowboard, snow shoes and no sherpa. I need a solution to all of these problems and enough fuel for my body to run on for most of the day.

The Solution: A master piece from Shaun – 281 grams of goodness….

P.S. Go the iphone…if only all my cameras we’re so nimble and light weight!

281 grams of goodness

281 grams of goodness

And you thought I'd just pulled 281 grams ut of thin air.

And you thought I'd just pulled 281 grams out of thin air.

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