Niseko Summer Action

Niseko in summer, we have so many things to do such as river activities, MTB, bag jump, trekking, surfing, and so on. Some people say summer is better than winter because we have so many activities but in winter we have only skiing or snowboarding or darts….

The bag jump became popular at Hanazono this summer season as well as the MTB park area. They have more people coming from Sapporo and surrounding areas every weekend plus a good crew of pro snowboarders getting some tricks on lock for winter!


After big rainfall.

MTB hit

MTB Jump action by Kazu

Bagjump action

Downhill race comp

Downhill race comp


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    • Yeah!! Niseko is great fun!! Never get bored!! Soooooo many things to do all year around!!! I haven’t done most of them yet tough…. ha ha ha

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