A small relief effort.

This is a short film of our trip to Honshu and delivery of aid to Otsuchi, one of the most devastated towns from the recent Tsunami. I’ve never witnessed such complete destruction or unfathomable strength in people, I’m not sure which touched me most. I hope this shows you that there are still smiles in a tragedy as people look forward, not backwards.

Complete devastation.

Complete devastation.



The numbers of dead will continue to rise for months with many towns still hardly reached by rescue teams. I can only say I’m happy that our small relief effort made a big difference to a small number of survivors.


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  2. This is better footage than CNN or BBC’s. When I heard that Jason was delivering food and water to Otsuchi I wasn’t surprised at all. Impressed and proud to know him, yes, but not really surprised in the least.

  3. Awesome video guys. I was really touched by what you did and shocked by some of the footage. I used to live in Iwate and so feel extremely sad that so many places I used to know have been wiped out. Thank you for helping. You rock :)

  4. I just saw your video, a friend had posted it on FB. I lived in Kyushu for 3.5 years so of course I am so sad about the recent situation in Japan. You made a beautiful video. Thanks for sharing!

  5. Hi Aaron and Jason

    Great effort!! You are awsome and to see the looks on those peoples’ faces must have been very heart warming to you both. Thank you so much for sharing.

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