theSpudGun.com is a place to come and keep up to date on what’s going on in – specifically Hokkaido – but also Japan in general, and will contain rantings and ravings, photos, info, and general info about what’s happening around Hokkaido and Niseko. fake breitling watch

Our contributors are: Az from Niseko Photography. Yasu who is a local photographer and 3D graphic artist working for Niseko Photography, and Pauly a local freelance graphic/web designer and nature photographer. repliki zegarków

We often find ourselves collaborating on work projects and spend a great deal of time putting our creativity into action for clients. This is an opportunity for us to have a creative and informative release and share our ideas for the fun of it! We hope you enjoy the theSpudGun.com and please feel free to comment and post – we’d love to hear form you! fake rolex kopen

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